Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Little Distracted...

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I have good reason! I have been a little distracted when it comes to my craft lately... lots going on in my life, but one of the good things is something I have always wanted to do and never had the courage til now! I have finally got my motorbike licence! I picked up my new baby yesterday and I had to ride it home!!! I have to admit, I was extremely nervous and felt like vomiting but managed to hold it all together and had a fabulous ride home without incident! My family were in the car behind me the whole way (to protect me from behind!!) and my soon to be 9yr old daughter said, 'you are really good at that mum, you looked really good!'.
So, I thought I would share a picture of my newest toy!

Its a Yamaha Scorpio 225! Its actually the same bike I learnt on in the Pre-learners course, which is a 7hr training course you have to do before you can get your licence these days. Thank goodness for passionate motorcyclist's who are prepared to share their expertise and train novices such as myself!! The course is very thorough, starting from the very basics of how to get on and off a bike the right way!!
Anyhoo, will try to post some craft real soon... promise! xx

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Birthday Card for my Dad

My Dad's 70th is coming up and I wanted to make a card to post and then something else for the party we are planning. As Darleen and Kim were here today, I borrowed Darleen's Uncharted Territory set to play with (borrowed rubber is as good as new rubber sometimes!)

I have basically CASEd the card from the mini catalogue... I didn't put the boat on and used a different sentiment. I added white eyelets and the hemp twine - which we all thought added to the nautical theme!! I stamped the image using the new Stazon White ink, onto acetate. Another happy end result!

Fathers Card and Gift Holder

Hi there... after another fun day with the girls (Darleen and Kim - my downlines and besties!!), I thought I would share what I got up to!
I am pretty sure I might have shown you the card in a previous post... but anyhoo, I made a matching wallet/envelope as my hubby is getting tickets to see Nickleback (is that how you spell it??)

I love the colour combination here - Kraft, Not Quite Navy and Very Vanilla. Very simple design but I am really happy with it. The button on the envelope is from my stash, otherwise all SU products.