Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mini Launch

WOW! What a creative team of Demonstrators I am in. Some of the projects that were made were just fantastic!
Silly me forgot the camera or I would have taken photos to show you all... sorry.
A huge thank you to the ladies at my table - Kim, Darleen, Joy and Therese - for coming along and supporting me. It was great to have you there and glad you enjoyed the projects I had for you.
The new Chunky Sprinkles used on the Love Note Box were a huge hit. We attatched the Sprinkles with the Pop up Glue Dots, which a lot of the Demonstrators in my team hadn't used before - they were all very impressed! (picture of the Love Note Box can be found in an earlier post of the same name!)
Must go and find some things to teach!! No not at this time of morning - need to feed the kids more like it or they'll fade away! NOT - but they think so!!!

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