Thursday, 14 June 2012

Its been a long time!

Well hello! As you can see by my last post, it has been just over a year since I have been on here.... It has taken a fantastic weekend away with two of my gorgeous sisters and one very special and very talented friend to get me interested in papercrafting again. What better way to get back into than to go on a 'Road Trip' with the girls to Queensland and visit the Papercraft Expo! We had such a great time (even if the sun went into hiding!) we were inside and very much entertained by all things scrapbooking! We met the amazingly talented Tim Holtz and got photos and his autograph. He was so patient and polite - really lovely guy. There was some amazing displays and great bargains! The bank account got hit hard - oops! All for a good cause - creating wonderful memories!! Thats how I am explainging it anyway hehehe! Below is a pic of my stash! Lots of creating to do with this lot lol! After purchasing a new camera recently my sister and I had some fun taking some photos around Brisbane. Below are two of my favoutires! This first one is of a huge Ferriswheel right on the banks of the river that runs through the middle of the city. This next one was a gorgeous old building with lights that changed colour from pink and purple to red and blue - it was really impressive to watch. Hopefully I will have some creations to share with you soon - thanks for dropping by xx

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  1. Wow Jeanne. Welcome back to blogland! And those photos are just beautiful. I especially love the colours in the last one - just gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing something fabulous from you real soon.