Thursday, 14 June 2012

{love} U so very much...

One of the best things at the Papercraft Expo last weekend was the gallery section. There were displays of different designers layouts. One in particular was by a lady Louise Nelson, who we had the pleasure of meeting by the way. She was so down to earth and lovely. I actually asked her was she 'arty' before starting scrapbooking?? She said, 'Oh goodness no, I was a furniture restorer!!' Her pages were like mini works of art - totally amazing. So, I had to have a go and below is what I came up with... my page gives no justice to hers by any means but it was fun having a go! Here is a close up so you can see the wire frame. Louise used wire on nearly every page - I loved it! Thanks for checking in xxx

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  1. Oh Jeanne this is beautiful!! Great photo too!! hehe. Good to see you getting back to scrapping. Always nice to go away and get some inspiration!!